PipePatrol – Pipeline Leak detection and localisation system

  • The most sensitive internal pipeline leak detection system available
  • Outstanding reliability due to “Leak Pattern Recognition”
  • Highly accurate leak information
  • Continuous and robust monitoring in all pipeline operating conditions

PipePatrol – Pipeline leak detection

A 1 % leak in a 20-inch line can rapidly translate into a loss of 450,000 barrels a year. At the same time, if left undetected, it could contaminate 10 square kilometres of lake within 24 hours. Thanks to its ultra-fast pipeline leak detection and precise localisation, KROHNE’s PipePatrol allows you to react quickly and reliably.

During the TÜV acceptance process, a series of leak tests were performed on an installed PipePatrol system on a 10-inch, 31 km pipeline in Northern Germany. Several leaks were simulated 22.4 km from the inlet by releasing Naphtha from the pipeline into a tanker truck. Pipeline flowrates were between 210 and 265 m3/h, the leak rates 5 m3/h.

Within just 30 seconds, PipePatrol succeeded in detecting all leaks, to an accuracy of 1.5 % of the nominal flow. This meant that only 95 litres of product escaped before the leak was detected.

PipePatrol not only detected all leaks but also precisely located them.

On this 10-inch diameter 31 km pipeline, average location accuracy was ± 0.6 %. To ensure the fastest possible response time, PipePatrol displays an arrow on a map, indicating the precise location of the leak.

Typical Applications

  • Long crude oil pipelines from oil fields to refineries
  • Multiproduct pipelines from refineries to tank farms
  • Subsea pipelines from FPSO units and platforms
  • Non-continuously operated pipelines transporting for example jet fuel
  • Long water pipelines from desalinization plants to cities
  • Very long natural gas pipelines from gas fields to refineries
  • Refined product pipelines for products used in chemical plants
  • Supply of process gases


  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry

Principles of Pipeline Leak Detection

by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Geiger

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PipePatrol – Pipeline leak detection and localisation system
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Application Report

Monitoring leaks in a multi-product pipeline

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